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    5 Women-Led Sex Toy Companies That Are Making Sex Better for

    March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women’s achievement and raise awareness against gender bias and inequality. The theme for International Women’s Day in 2021 is #ChoosetoChallenge.

    One of the industries choosing to challenge stigmas and stereotypes is femtech. As you may have noticed, we’ve been profiling incredible femtech founders on Kinkly this month. It is thanks to these incredible founders that in today’s modern society there are tons of amazing products available to help vulva-owners own their sexuality. For the longest time, the sextech industry was dominated by male-run companies.

    Thankfully, this has started to change.

    More and more incredible start-ups and companies are fighting against inequality and against the primarily male venture capitalists that won’t fund their organizations. The women of sextech and femtech are helping to provide vulva and non-vulva owners alike with amazing new sex toys.

    And so, to celebrate International Women’s Day, here’s a look at five amazing sextech and sex toy companies founded and run by women!

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    The eponymous sex toy company Lora DiCarlo has made significant waves in the few short years since Lora Haddock DiCarlo founded the company. Lora DiCarlo is most well known for their toy Osé, which won the coveted CES 2019 Innovation Award, and subsequently had that award taken award due to Osé being a sex toy. Since 2019, Lora DiCarlo has continued to make waves, both by fighting against the stigmas that surround female pleasure and by continuing to make incredible sex toys.

    Lora DiCarlo Vibrators

    Lora DiCarlo’s line now boasts the Osé 2, Baci and Onda (both of which have won the same CES Innovation Award!), as well as the Carezza and Filare. Lora DiCarlo’s toys constantly push sextech to new and innovative technologies to help vulva-owners own their sexual pleasure and discover sensations and orgasms they may have never experienced before!

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    b-Vibe, Le Wand & The Cowgirl – Founded by Alicia Sinclair

    Certified sex educator Alicia Sinclair is pretty much an idol in the sextech and femtech realm. Sinclair has started not one, but three sextech companies: b-Vibe, Le Wand and The Cowgirl.

    B-vibe Snug Plug

    b-Vibe specializes in making the best products for your behind. Their butt plugs and anal beads are some of the best anal toys you will ever come across. We love b-Vibe, not just because they make awesome toys, but because they’re dedicated to helping empower people through sexual exploration. If you’re interested in anal play, b-Vibe is here for you! We guarantee that their toys will help you discover all kinds of new and amazing sensations.

    Le Wand Bow

    Le Wands lines of wand massagers, vibrators and stainless steel sex toys carry the same attention to detail as b-Vibe’s do. Their wand massagers provide deep rumbly vibrations that stand in comparison to the well-loved Magic Wand, and their new line of stainless steel sex toys are perfect for those looking to explore all new kinds of stimulation!

    The Cowgirl Sex Machine

    Sinclair’s third company is The Cowgirl. The Cowgirl is an award-winning, premium sex machine! Featuring a padded saddle-style seat, The Cowgirl is like no other sex machine on the market. Its thoughtful design includes six vibrating patterns and a 360 degree swivel rotation. Nothing else compares to the vibration and power of The Cowgirl!

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    Health expert, Tania Boler, founded Elvie in 2013 with the goal of creating smarter, better sextech for women’s pleasure. Their website breaks down Elvie’s goal in a simple sentence:

    “Women shouldn’t have to make do with shoddy design or pink spin-offs when there are self-driving cars in the world.”

    Amen to that! Elvie created the world’s first wearable breast pump, Elvie Pump!

    Their other amazing product, and our favourite, is the Elvie Trainer. This award-winning Kegel trainer is an amazing tool to help vulva-owners strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Elvie Trainer connects to an app on your phone that walks you through the five-minute exercises and provides real-time feedback on how you’re doing. It also tracks your progress across workouts and gives you regular reminders to keep you on track.

    elvie kegel trainer phone display and toy

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    Emily Sauer founded Ohnut to help save vulva-owners from the same vaginal pain she suffered through for years. The Ohnut is a flexible, comfortable penetration buffer designed to be worn around a penis or dildo to help protect from painful, deep penetration.


    The Ohnut comes with four rings so every set of partners can combine as many rings as they need to find the perfect depth for penetration. No longer does either partner need to stress or worry about painful penetration with the Ohnut!

    Read: Femtech Focus: Emily Sauer of Ohnut

    Dame – Founded by Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman

    Sexologist, Alexandra Fine, and engineer, Janet Lieberman founded Dame Products in 2014 with their innovative hands-free vibrator, Eva. Eva went on to become the most crowdfunded sex toy ever. Today, Dame has six different kinds of vibrators, all of which are sleek and sexy, and versatile enough to be used all over your or your partner’s bodies!

    Our favourite Dame product is actually the Dame Pillo! Pillo is a soft, but firm, sex wedge that can help revolutionize the way you have sex. Say goodbye to sore necks or hips, and say hello to Pillo! Seriously, if you haven’t tried a sex wedge, now is the time. You won’t believe how amazing they are until you try it for yourself.

    Dame Pillo sex furniture

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    Visualize Your Vulva – Body, Health & Wellness, Listen, Orgasms

    How well do you know the vulva and vagina? In this episode, I’m joined by four guests to break down all...

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