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    The Best Date Ideas for an At-Home Valentine’s Day

    Yep, it’s that time of year. Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and many of you might be feeling a little ill-prepared. Usually, this holiday celebrated with expensive dinners, steamy sex, quality time, trips, and extravagant gifts. But with the current orders to stay home and avoid nearly all types of gatherings, things look a bit different.  If you’re unsure about how to celebrate this year, don’t stress. We’ve got fourteen different at home date ideas to make your V-Day as hot and steam as possible.

    Remember: these dates don’t necessarily need to be done with a romantic partner. You can also do them with a friend, family member or by yourself. Valentine’s Day is all about love and pleasure, two things that are not contingent on the presence of another person. Treat yourself on Valentine’s Day with activities and things that make you happy. This list is a great starting point for anyone who isn’t sure where to begin planing.

    1. Make a Meal Together

    Before this pandemic, many people looked forward to spending time together by going out to eat and sampling new restaurants. Obviously, that’s currently not on the menu, so not cook yourself? You can create something you both love or try something adventurous. Making handmade sushi or pizza or your own pasta. Don’t be afraid to get each other messy.

    2. Try Something New in the Bedroom

    Valentine’s Day is a great time to connect sexually with your partner. Why not spend it by exploring something that you’ve never tried before? You can surprise your partner with some new lingerie or connect with them beforehand about something you’d both like to try. We suggest role-playing or talking dirty.

    3. Shop for Sex Toys

    The couple that plays together, stays together! Don’t be intimidated by trying out a sex toy with your partner. For those who don’t know how to get started, Good Vibrations’ online store has tons of amazing products from lubes to toys and even under the bed restraints for literally everyone to explore. Hey Tabu has a great holistic sexual wellness kit for women that includes a warming vibrator and an organic lubricant. 

    4. Movie Marathon

    If you want an easy date night idea, look no further than your own television. Binge-watching your favorite movie or television show can be a great way to relax and unwind. To make it more special, go all in with movie night snacks and build a cozy fort. Perfect for snuggling, and whatever else might follow. 

    5. Sexy Game Night

    Make Game Night a more erotic experience by adding a sexy spin.  Try strip poker, place betting parameters on your favorite video game, or try out a sexy board game. Another option is to unleash your inner kink and try a BDSM sex game… Blindfolds encouraged.

    6.  Tasting Party

    Bring the wine tasting home to you. Some wine bars or restaurants might offer at-home tastings, or you can curate your own. If wine isn’t your thing, do it with cheese, whiskey, chocolate, ice cream, or even something random—like frozen waffles. (Hey, we won’t judge your flavor preferences.) 

    7. At-Home Spa Day

    Bring the benefits of a spa experience into your home bathroom with one of our most relaxing at home date ideas. Run a bath, put on a facemask, apply essential oils, and indulge in any other self-care items you may need. Then, once you’re all nice and clean, use a massage candle and take turns using it on one another. What happens after that is entirely up to you…

    8. Travel Party at Home

    Just because you can’t get on a flight doesn’t mean you can’t emulate the feeling of travel. Pick your ideal destination, plan a menu based on that place’s local cuisine, add some music, and decorate your home to feel transported into a new world. Who knows? Maybe this will turn into a a sexy role-play situation. 

    9. Wine & Paint Night

    What better way to connect with yourself and your partner than sharing a bottle of wine and painting together? This date is often done outside, in a studio space but by keeping it at home you’re free to get as sexy and intimate as you want. Take turns painting each other, painting a memory you’ve shared together, paint on each other, or something else entirely. Don’t feel tied down to painting, you can pair any crafting activity with wine (or another vice of your choosing) and you will be good to go.

    10. Karaoke

    Tired of talking to your partner? Try singing! Karaoke can be a great way to let off some steam and have fun with one another. You can take turns singing or try and nail a duet with one another. Just don’t tell your neighbors we gave you the idea. 

    11. Take Relationship Quizzes

    Spend time learning about your relationship. A great date night can be filled with asking each other questions to better understand yourselves and each other. Try the Yes No Maybe List and Pleasure Planner, which are both great for better understanding your preferences on sex acts for more pleasurable, connected sex. 

    12. Visit a museum online

    So many amazing museums have fully virtual tours that are free to do online. The Van Gogh Museum, Louvre, and The Guggenheim are just some of our favorites, but there are tons of other options depending on what sort of art best resonates with you. Afterwards, you can compare notes and discuss your favorites.

    13. Recreate Your First Date

    If none of these ideas are catching your eye, why don’t you start back at square one? Try and recreate your first date with your partner from the comfort of your own home. Remember, the fun is in all the details. See if you can pull off a similar outfit, eat the same foods and complete the same activities as when you first got together. It’s especially fun as an activity for seeing how much things have changed and developed since you first met one another.

    14. Breakfast in Bed

    Breakfast-in-bed feels like one of the most underrated but amazing home date ideas, especially if it’s following a round of morning sex. Plan a fun menu of your favorite foods or order in. And don’t forget the small touches— flowers or freshly-squeezed orange juice can make the experience truly feel like a holiday.

    In any case, a V-Day at home can easily become one of your favorite new memories. Don’t forget a card!

    Ovie Crum is a UCLA graduate originally from the bay area. She joined the Sex with Emily family in June of 2019, loves spending time outdoors, and aspires to one day own a dog of her own.

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