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    The 2020 Sex With Emily Gift Guide

    Real talk: 2020 was hard for everyone. If you’re anything like us, you’re determined to make the last month of the year special—and what better way to do that than giving the gift of pleasure? Whether you’re buying something for you, your partner, or your mom, the Sex With Emily Gift Guide is here to help.

    To make it easier, we’ve divided things up into five sections: Gifts for Singles, Gifts for Couples, Sexual Self-Care, Stocking Stuffers, and Everything Lifestyle. Happy Shopping!

    Gifts for Singles

    Lily Allen Womanizer Premium

    Lily Allen Liberty by Womanizer 

    Using pulses of air to deliver indirect clitoral stimulation, The Liberty is Womanizer’s most compact model. Not only does it feel like the most amazing oral sex you could imagine, but it’s also been released in a new version designed by singer Lily Allen–because, like most vulva owners who experience Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology, she’s obsessed with it too. 

    Je Joue Mimi

    Don’t be fooled by the Mimi’s unassuming looks. this “just right” vibe has been one of Emily’s favs for years. Just right size, just the right power, just right price! 

    b-vibe Anal Training and Education Set

    Hot tip–anal play is for everyone. If you’ve got a butt, show it some love. If you’re new to things, or just want to learn to do it right, this set from b-vibe is for you. It includes 3 different sized plugs, a lube applicator, and more! They even give you a comprehensive, expert-written step-by-step guide. 

    Magic Wand Plus

    Quite simply, the most iconic name in sex toys! Magic Wand has been delivering pleasure since 1968 – before we went to the moon! Cosmo calls it ‘the Little Black Dress’ of vibrators and Time Magazine chose it as one of the century’s most influential gadgets. The Magic Wand Plus features the plug-in power of the Original, variable speeds, and a soft silicone head. 

    Max 2 Masturbator with Bluetooth by Lovense

    If you’re a penis owner, or you’re simply shopping for one, the Max 2 Masturbator is a great way to amp up the self-pleasure game. It works as both an air pump and a vibrator, with three modes that be controlled on the underside or your smartphone. Because the air pump is designed to mimic vaginal spasms, this toy is one that is sure to send you over the edge and riding the waves of ecstasy.

    Hot Octopuss Pulse SoloOctopuss Sex Toy

    Truly one of the more revolutionary products for the penis, the Pulse Solo is an open-ended sleeve that uses an oscillating pad to stimulate the frenulum. What’s the frenulum, you ask? Well, my penis having friends, it’s the super-sensitive spot just below the head. It works so well, a lot of folks enjoy it hands-free.

    Gifts for Couples

    We-Vibe Melt

    The Melt is the first We-Vibe to use Pleasure Air Technology specifically designed for couple’s play. It’s perfectly contoured to let it nestle in place over the clitoris during penetration. The result is a mind-blowing combo of air pulses and an intimate connection with your partner, no matter who’s holding it.

    Sportsheets Bed Bondage Restraint KitWoman Laying on the Bed Sportsheets

    Whether you’re into restraint play or think you might want to give it a try, this kit is an awesome add on to any bed. It’s a one-piece system that slips under your mattress. When you’re ready for fun, simply pull out the soft, velcro cuffs and slap them on: hands, feet, all four, whatever you want. When you’re done, just tuck it all away for next time.

    Pleasure for All by Playboy

    One of the most revered names in intimacy, Playboy introduces an all-new line of CBD-infused couple’s products. Start the evening out in the tub with their Bath Bomb, then move into the bedroom to try the clitoral arousal spray and intimacy gel. All products feature premium quality ingredients and organically grown hemp oil. 

    Massage Oil Candle Lotus No. 9

    Candles in general are great to set the mood and add calming, sensual scents to the bedroom. Massage candles, however, have the added bonus of being able to try temperature play and to pamper your partner (or yourself!) with a sensual massage. Not all candles work for this since they have a higher temperature to melt, but Kiki de Montparnasse’s Massage Oil Candles melts at just above body temperature, so it will be warm to the touch without the risk of burning the skin. It’s a discreet way to deepen your and your partner’s intimacy.

    Adventure Challenge for Couples

    Who doesn’t love a challenge? Take your relationship to the next level with an Adventure Challenge book to share amazing experiences with your partner. This guide contains 50 challenges with a cost range of $0 to $50, and you won’t know what the activity is until you scratch it off. It’s a fun way to add spontaneity to your relationship, while also creating and documenting beautiful memories together. 

    Sexual Self Care

    Exsens Intimate Care Collection

    It’s time to give yourself permission to slow down and enjoy some intimate pampering. But pro tip–start with healthy products. We’re all loving the Intimate Care Collection from Exsens. Their Intime Balance is an intimate cleansing gel; Intime Fresh foaming is an intimate cleanser; and Intime is Cocoa Shea body oil. They’re all from France, and they’re all amazing.

    Tabu Menopause Pleasure Kit Tabu Sexual Wellness for Menopause

    Newsflash: pleasure is our birthright, no matter how old you are–or feel! Tabu was introduced just for vulva owners who may no longer be enjoying intimacy due to changes in their bodies. It’s a wonderful kit that includes a specifically-designed, slim, and ergonomic vibrator with a warming head and intuitive controls, as well as a specially formulated lube. The combo makes the perfect gift for anyone who needs a reintroduction to intimacy and pleasure–whether that’s you or a loved one.


    Even if you’re a Kegel expert, doing these exercises regularly–and effectively–can be challenging. Enter Yarlap, a discreet, FDA-Cleared device you use at home to strengthen your pelvic floor automatically. Their exclusive AutoKegel technology delivers precision stimulation to your PC muscle. The result? Kegels of steel, no more sneezing-and-peeing, and even stronger orgasms.


    Let’s be real, sex can be painful for a lot of vulva owners. This was true for Ohnut’s inventor, so she set out to design a solution that allowed her to enjoy intimacy again. Ohnut is a soft, stackable ring that fits around the penis to create a cushioned bumper that limits the depth of penetration. The result is an intimate connection for both partners without the pain. 

    Lorals Latex PantiesLorals Latex Panties

    Introducing a new way to say yes to oral! Let’s face it, vulva owners have plenty of legit reasons to avoid receiving oral, whether it’s their period, just getting home from the gym, or plain old modesty. But none of those should stop you from enjoying pleasure, and Lorals lets you do just that. These silky, stretchy latex panties replace the outdated dental dam, making them perfect for feeling all the sensations oral sex has to offer.

    The Intimacy Deck 

    The perfect addition to date night: 150 prompts to spark deeper and more meaningful conversations. This game is great for couples who have been together for years or the ones who are looking to get to know one another. In every case, the Date Night Game encourages couples to spend quality time together and spice things up. Describe your first kiss, learn each other’s love languages, and find deeper seeds of connection. 

    Sex Journal

    Sex is fun to have, but not always easy to talk about. This shared journal makes it easier for couples to reflect and connect with communication tips, intentional setting exercises, and thoughtful writing prompts, leading to more open and honest conversations—and some pretty awesome sex. 

    Stocking Stuffers

    Emily’s Vesper Necklace

    Is that a vibrator around your neck? Why yes, yes it is. Perhaps one of the greatest conversation pieces ever, Emily’s Vesper vibrating necklace is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to put their dedication to pleasure on display. Oh yeah, it doesn’t just look beautiful, it’s a pretty amazing little vibe, too!

    &Jane Audio Erotica

    Looking for erotica that literally speaks to you? Try &Jane. You can listen to audio erotica created authentically by women storytellers. Follow your favorites every week–or even submit your own anonymous sexy stories. It’s 100% inclusive and ethical, and totally hot! 

    Muse Flavored Lubes

    Hot Tip: flavored lube will change your oral sex game forever. Not only do Muse flavors taste incredible for the giver, but they also make oral feel amazing for the receiver. Trust–there’s no substitute for genuine enthusiasm, and when your partner tastes like Crème Brûlée or Salted Caramel, all bets are off!

    Promescent Delay Spray + Arousal Gel

    What started as one doctor’s mission to help those struggling with premature ejaculation, Promescent’s flagship delay spray is clinically proven to help men last up to 64% longer. Combine that with their unreal clitoral arousal gel and you’re well on your way to closing that orgasm gap for good.

    ScreamingO My Secret Cosmetic-Look ToysScreaming-O Cosmetic

    Imagine a lipstick vibe that actually looks like a lipstick… or mascara… or lip balm… What you see is not what you get with these super fun look-a-likes. These cute and cleverly disguised sex toys feel great and fool everyone else!

    Just Dessert Chocolate Body Paint

    The holidays are all about indulgence—so why not bring that mindset into the bedroom? Made with quality ingredients and real French chocolate, the Just Dessert Body Paint is the perfect way to end a romantic holiday meal. Honey Pot NecklaceUse a paintbrush (or your finger) to create fun and sexy body art on your partner’s skin.

    Honey Pot Uterus Necklace

    Slay all day in this gold-plated, statement uterus necklace that celebrates womanhood like never before. This limited-edition gold feminist necklace is handmade by two female designers who hope their uterus jewelry will be worn as a source of inspiration and pride for women everywhere. Get your uterus pendant before it’s gone!


    Everything Lifestyle

    P.volve On Demand, Functional Fitness

    Give the gift of better sex and a firmer body! P.volve delivers incredibly effective, on-demand “Functional Fitness” workouts that will get you in shape–from the inside out. This not only includes your core but your pelvic floor, too! Better strength, balance, and orgasms in one workout! 


    Ready to really expand your sexual horizons with Emily? Or maybe you want to learn to negotiate. Or cook. Or build a business–whatever you want to learn, you can do it with MasterClass. They offer classes on every topic from the world’s leading experts–including Emily! 

    Booda Organics

    Everything about Booda Organics is worth celebrating. Their handmade skin products are produced with high quality, food-grade, organic, non-GMO, and vegan ingredients, making them one of the safest additions to your self-care routine. (Plus, they feel amazing.) Products include a daily moisturizer, lip balms, natural deodorant, soap bars, and even laundry detergent. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who needs some pure self-care. 

    Else Lingerie 

    Else Lingerie is designed to elevate the everyday. Whether it’s worn as a foundation piece or all on its own, their line of beautiful and diverse lingerie, loungewear, and beachwear makes you feel as good as you look. Their brand statement is anchored in celebrating the modern and multi-faced woman, with unique designs ideal for a variety of occasions. Shop by category or use their gift guide to find your perfect fit. 

    Tommy John 

    We’re obsessed with Tommy John’s underwear, pajamas, and loungewear. The fabric is incredibly breathable, and they design their products to fit the modern body—meaning no riding up or bunching. (Thank god.) They make products for all genders, so it’s a great choice regardless of who you’re shopping for this year. After all, doesn’t everyone love the gift of comfort?

    Herbivore Calm KitHerbivore Calm Kit

    Let’s be real: 2020 has been anything but easy. Whether you’re looking for the ideal gift for someone who’s had a rough year, or you’re simply looking to destress yourself, the Herbivore Calm Kit from Knack is a great choice. Combining some of the most iconic and soothing skincare treatures from Herbivore Botanicals, these hydrating and calming bath products are suitable for all skin types.

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